A fitness game on PC

Camerative is a 2.5D camera-based fitness game on PC. It aims to help overweight people to keep fit indoor though this parkour game. The actions of the cartoon character in the game is correspondence with the user's actions detected by the camera.

The project we implemented is an amazing application making full use of the web camera and making ample cooperation and interaction among the citizens of large quantity of communities all over the world.

The main body of our design is an application based on the web camera and users’ actions. Users can make some specific poses facing the web camera and control the virtual figure in the application by capturing and analyzing the user’s movements, whose target is to help people exercise more. The poses are various, such as walking, jumping and squatting. In our application, the system will record the data of user’s usage, like the time length and the frequency using the application. It will also compare with the target of user settings, and give a reply to the users with precise calculating, even gift the users well done this time. Users also will see some advertisement concerning sports and healthy life.

Besides the basic functions, there are some unique features. First, the online community will be available among the users. A user can share the achievements with his/her online friends. He/She can also compete with others freely. Second, the online store platform will be offered. A user can purchase some gifts here for his/her friends if his/her friends meet his/her target he/she set for friends, which is interesting and interactive.

At last, our project may use some third-party contents. The contents include the hardware web camera (embedded in the computer) and the software Photoshop in the picture processing.


  • C# & C++

    We use C# to build our main project and use C++ to implement the algorithm part to enhance the perfermance.

  • Optional Sceneries

    We provide multiple game sceneries for users to obtain excellent game experience.

  • Camera-Based

    We apply image recognition technology to detect the motions of users and provide the accurate algorithm to ensure high performance,

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